Kikwete visits the Kigamboni of Singapore


The President of the United Republic of Tanzania is currently touring Singapore with the aim of wooing investors to Tanzania.
One of the agenda in this visit is to invite real estate developers to Tanzania to invest in the Kigamboni New City Project.
The Kigamboni New City project which has been pipeline for about five years now, is cash strapped and enjoys very little support from the Kigamboni people due to the following reasons:

  1. Disregard of the rule of law the Ministry of Land officials;
  2. Poor stakeholders and landholders participation;
  3. Heavy handedness and use of threats to landholders from Ministry of Land officials
  4. Lack of transparency and non disclosure of people’s rights
  5. Corruption

The Kigamboni people hope that the energy expended in looking for investors, will also replicated in Kigamboni to get them informed and engaged.

In the picture above: The President is touring the Headquarters of a Singaporean City Development Authority, which is similar to the Kigamboni Development Agency that was recently set up by the Government to manage the project.

Picture:Courtesy of Michuzi Blog


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