Kigamboni MP offers a scholarship

I am offering one (tuition free) scholarship for an interested person to study Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Information Technology or Bachelor of Business Administration at the United African University of Tanzania(UAUT). UAUT is run by the Korean Church Mission and is located in Vijibweni, Kigamboni Constituency, Temeke District in Dar es Salaam.

Those interested in this scholarship should meet the folowing criteria;

  1. Should be residents of Kigamboni (Proof of residency will be required).
  2. Should have done part of their studies in Kigamboni constituency.
  3. Should  have completed A levels in the academic year 2012/2013.
  4. Should put UAUT as one of the choices in their TCU applications.

Eligibility criteria includes:

  1. For BSc Computer Engineering and IT : Two principal passes in Physics and Mathematics.Those without a principal pass in Chemistry must have a subsidiary pass or a credit at O-level in Chemistry.
  2. For BBA: A pass in Mathematics at A level ( Subsidiary pass or better ) or Grade C in Mathematics in Olevel.

Those that are interested in this scholarship should apply directly to TCU, a copy of the application should be forwarded to my office in either Kigamboni or Mbagala Kizuiani. The copy of the application sent to my office should include proof of residence, copies of certificates and one page motivation letter on why one thinks he/she is best qualified for this scholarship.

For more information visit

The deadline for submission is on 31 May, 2013.


Dr Faustine Ndugulile

Member of Parliament-Kigamboni

About Dr Faustine Ndugulile

#Medical Doctor #Microbiologist # Public Health Specialist #Politician #African #Proud Tanzanian
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2 Responses to Kigamboni MP offers a scholarship

  1. Castro Pius Shirima says:

    Dr Ndugulile,

    This is very much appreciated effort to share and send back the little you obtain to those who made you to office!

    As I read you program I did find it very interesting and I wish other lawmakers could have found the merit in it and so coppy from your initiatives!

    This does not only unveil the sense of humuour and human personality you value for and care but also the tireless effort to raise the love for science disciplines in the wake of critical digital era!

    God bless your efforts!


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