Tanzania 2012 Census results out

The preliminary results of the national Census that took place in October 2012 has been released. The official population of Tanzania is now 44,929,002 people. Out of these, 43,625,434 and 1,303,568 people reside in Tanzania Mainland and Tanzania Zanzibar respectively.

The analysis of the census data is still ongoing, with further reports expected in February and April, 2013. The final report will come out in June 2013.

This is a fifth Census to be conducted in Tanzania. Previous census with the population numbers are as follows: 1967 (12,313,469); 1978 (17,512,610); 1988 (23,095,885); 2002 (34,443,603).

The whole Census exercise comes at the cost of about Tsh 140 Billion, of which Tsh 120 Billion has been spent so far. The Tanzanian Government contributed 90% of the funding and a team of local experts carried out the Census.

Kudos to the team able ladies, Hajjat Amina Mrisho and Albina Chuwa, for doing this commendable job in timely manner.

Visit www.nbs.go.tz for more details


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28 Responses to Tanzania 2012 Census results out

  1. Jackson lazaro says:

    This is too much increase in number of people. My advise to my fellow tanzanians,to reduce the number through family planing towards 2022.


  2. Martin Henry says:

    One way to reduce rapid population is to put much emphasis in education especialy to ladies


  3. Ruth Adul says:

    The increase is too high for a country like Tanzania, let met be infront line to help women in family planning


  4. rwegoshora michael says:

    surely not cheating,the number of people in our country is still low as compared to other countries like china,india,nigeria,etc.For a state to develope ,three factos should be considered:1.people.2.land3.good politics.If these factors are considered properly,there is no way we can escape from good development.For that case we still need even more people to increase the man power in different sectors of production.For this case i advice my follow tanzanian to plan getting more children and provide them quality education rather than limiting the number of children to few………………………………….. . .


    • Raymond Michael Nziku says:

      Rwegoshora! your very right but you have failed to think strategically on the matter, the relationship of the three factor you said is more complicated than you think bro! increasing the man power without giving them a direction of where to go or equipping them with right tools to self-employ, its a madness. currently i am preparing that tool as i speak if you are interested you can join coz i am pretty sure you want the best for our children. any one is allowed to join me on this; check through +255 719 655 810 or +255 758 466 620 also at nziku99@gmail.com


  5. Eugene says:

    As Rwegoshora said, we still need more people to develop this country. The problem here is not population but a population with problems that can not plan and implement plans to properly utilize its natural resources so as to attain meaningful development.


  6. John Mayala says:

    I am never fine concerning on family planning! big up to Mr. Rwegoshora, We firstly need people!! let us think positively and not being remote controlled. Asante sana Rwegoshora. I wish those remote controllers would follow our need and not remote the controlled follow remote controllers.


  7. Emma says:

    I do agree with Rwegoshora, John and Eugene for sure we need workforce particularly for the country like ours as we have to engage ourselves on labour intensive since we don’t have enough capital to invest on high tech industry.


  8. shany says:

    the population is growing and our country is stl poor to controw the population especially in provision of social servises.We need to give people education about familly planning for the purpose of controlling the speedup growth of population.


  9. veronica Joseph says:

    We really need good population in our country but also I agree 2 with Rwegoshora about population another other things that need to bring up a nice populated country


  10. abdilahi says:

    if we compare our resources and the number of people in the country its too far from equal, meaning health care family planning is useless, and its not meant for our own benefit rather for the modern imperialist, who are still exploiting our resources that’s why they keep saying we are many and keep own robing our countries, family planning is not bad. if for good intention.


  11. spekepato says:

    friends in tanzania, the problem is not low population in any case the people are enough, there is no way you can convince some one that the problem of underdevelopment can be solved with high population. where is it written that few people shoud be poor and many people should be rich? Gabon is a good example of an african country with a small population and a middle income status. the HDI is also good and they are promising to do better.


  12. bogolong'afu says:

    Big up Tanzanian high population is not a problem to hinder development the problem is poor leadership and poor management and distribution of resources we have there are some countries in the world like Italy their gv budget depend from african resources mostly from tz let us practice patronage as well as better way of managing resource and lastly distribute accordingly and avoid bad slogan of chukua chako mapema we Tanzanian let us produce individually and focus for the society leave bad slogan of socialist production while we focus for individual benefit.


    • estoni bahati says:

      there you are bogolong’afu, how can we develop with lower population? look at those developed countries, history tell us that once they faced a problem of rapid population increase they acted by improving means of production to meet human needs. the big population they had played a big role for the market of industrial and agricultural products. why do they tell us now to control population?


  13. selengia george Fratern says:

    Increase of population to our country it realize we need to work hard in order to produce and to meet the needs of our society. So Tanzanian population for me is not a problem is how those people are engage in production? every Tanzania play your role we can attained development as you are focus. Struggle make perfect. by selengia George Fratern


  14. Patrick Marko Lujinya says:

    Population is very low in Tanzania, there is no development without people. Considering the highest populated nations such as China, India and USA you can be sure that more people increase business opportunities and markets. The Government is required to put forward sustainable infrastructures including strategies on education and our part is to give more birth to increase population consequently development. Play your part!


  15. Anne says:

    Thanks very much Rwegoshora, your idea is pretty good.
    Population in Tanzania isn’t such high like the US, China, and even India as others have commmented, Tanzanians, we must work. What is needed is a productive population to foster development.


  16. chrisandus mwagange says:

    real the number of people in our nation is still small when you compere to the available resource we have but the problem is the people who are responsible to supervise our resources. the over utilization of our resource if will be good and controlled not to few but to majority will afford the available population. and we have to remember that population is importance because of manpower


  17. estoni bahati says:

    for sure, population increase is not really a problem to our development. our abundant land and other resources that we are endowed with are not fully utilised to its efficiency to speed up development process. what we suppose to do is to increase and expand investment in sectors of agriculture, industries which can help to increase nation income through export of outputs. Education sector should also be improved for human capital development and not concentrating on population control. As rwegoshora said we need land and population for a country to develop, may be a problem here is the poor politics we have


  18. Tanzania is still empty and it is our duty to fill it. We need people as first and foremost resource. Remember people is power and any tread or business needs clients/people for sustainability. No need to look for external consumers if products can sell internally. China and India can tread among themselves and survive. Expand your families while working hard to feed adequately all the mouths we create, and ensuring they receive quality education; eventually they will create their own employment but the greatest employer is our land.


  19. Demzee says:

    More people more creativeness. Tanzania is not a close society, needs more people for futher development.


  20. idadi ya watu inatosha.lakini tutafute mbinu za kuongeza idadi ya watoto wa kiume.


  21. AIDAN KAZOBA says:

    Its now a century of population explosion in Africa Tanzania inclusively, what we should emphasis is on sustainable utilisation of natural resources to all Tanzanians, and lets’ all together fight against epidemics.


  22. Tarme Distric Census results pls


  23. Harold Godfrey Shangali says:

    As much as we know the estimated our estimated in rural and urban population, an extra move should now be done to estimate the number of people with disabilities of all kinds and understand the life pattern they are in too as well as what is it that we should now embark own to improve their quality of life and hence let them contribute to the family, community and nation at large on the social and economical development.
    Thank you
    Harold Godfrey Shangali


  24. Stanslaus says:

    Rwegoshora keep it up. Most of people play the tunes of wazungu, in actually fact we need more and more people to make any development meaning. Tuzaane sanaaaa kwanza ni Agizo la Mungu tatu nchi yetu bado ni tupu. Ethiopia haikutawaliwa kwa sababu ya idadi ya watu. Kasomeni history


  25. Kaishaza Pius Bengesi says:

    Itogile says: Population size does not matter at all. What matters is whether this population comprises “PEOPLES” or ” MASSES”. A nation full of “PEOPLES” usually progresses whilst that full of “MASSES” becomes infested with all kinds of vices. Nationals should ask themselves to which camp they belong before blaming leaders who after all are placed in office by the very nationals.


  26. Cosmas Raphael says:

    Well done, Tanzania have enough labour power to develop itself,but we have also to look on how to overcome the challenge perticular unemployment.


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