How many books have read this year?

With the aim of boosting the reading culture in Tanzania, I have also decided to announce publicly the books that I read in the year 2012.

I hope this initiative will motivate other Tanzanians to step up, pick up and encourage their families to develop a reading culture.

I have instilled a reading culture in my family. My kids have individually read not less than 30 books this year. Their favourite books were part of their Christmas presents this year. They have ferocious appetite for books that we regularly visit local bookshop to replenish reading books.

As for me, this year I read the following books:
1. Angel of Dark- Sydney Sheldon
2. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete: Tumaini lililorejea-Prince Bagenda
3. A journey-Tony Blair
4. Eight days in Sepember: The removal of Thabo Mbeki-Frank Chikane
5. The trouble with Africa-Robert Calderisi
6. Learning the law-Glanville Williams
7. Elements of law simplified-N.A. Saleemi
8. The Bourne Dominion-Eric van Lustbader
9. Sauti ya umma ni sauti ya demokrasia-Prof Mark Mwandosya
10. Historia ya Mwalimu Nyerere na maisha yangu katika utumishi Wa umma-Pius Msekwa

A fellow legislator, Zitto Kabwe has declared a list books he read in 2012 on his blog . I would also like to commend Maggid Mjengwa for his insightful article on reading culture in Tanzania, I think he should go further and tell us the books he has read.
Dr Mwele Malecela, please share the book list that you promised to announce publicly. January Makamba, you are an avid reader, share your list too.

I have read the aforementioned books, how many books did you read this year? You can respond by inserting a comment on this blog or on Twitter with “letsreadtz” hashtag.
Let us make 2013 a reading year!

About Dr Faustine Ndugulile

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12 Responses to How many books have read this year?

  1. felix says:

    99% of the books are politically oriented, is that what a society should be inspired of? #JustAsking


  2. HMBaker says:

    This is inspiring, I should also find a way of initiating similar projects in Uganda because the reading culture is also sickening, I have read 10books, ending with “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS,AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE, by Dale Carnegie” which I’m finishing today but I feel I should step up after this inspiration.Thanks, way to go!!!!


  3. Excellent! Change starts with you! Great piece Doc!


  4. c gichenje says:

    i have bought quite a number of books. does that count too?


  5. Aidan says:

    Thanks Doc. This is a very good initiative. Here is my list:

    The books I have finished reading…
    1. The Big Short (Inside the Doomsday Machine) – by Michael Lewis. “Unputdownable” especially if you enjoy high finance stuff.
    2. A Conspiracy of Fools (about the Enron collapse) – by Kurt Eichenwald. Gripping!
    3. Treasure Islands (about tax havens) – by Nicholas Shaxton. Revealing and preachy too
    4. Eight Days in September (about the Thabo Mbeki ouster) – by Frank Chikane. It could have done with a better editing job, in my view
    5. How will you measure your life? – by Clayton M. Christensen. Inspiring!
    6. The Litigators – by John Grisham. A really slow start to his latest novel 😦
    7. Too Big to Fail: The Inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System–and Themselves – by Andrew Ross Sorkin.

    And the ones I am still reading…
    8. Poor Economics by Abijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo, a bit heavy but insightful look into the economics of poverty.
    9. High Financier: The lives and time of Siegmund Warburg (a major banker) – by Niall Ferguson
    10. Thinking, fast and slow – by Daniel Kahneman (a psychologist who won the Nobel Prize in Economics). A really slow read, if you want to understand what great insights it has, but well worth the effort. Some reading should not be rushed.
    11. The Squeeze: Oil, Money and Greed in the 21st Century – by Tom Bower. A fascinating study of how the global hydrocarbon industry is run, warts and all!


  6. Aisa N M says:

    Hi Faustine,
    Again big Up for your very innovative idea! I like this so much and I deeply encourage people to read not many books but read strategic books!!! that is if you want to reach the high heights in your life. Personally in 2012, my focus was to learn on how I can invest money in stocks successfully and I have achieved big time!! I read the following books which all of them have inspired me so much:
    1. The Warren Buffet Ways- by Rober Hagstrom
    2. Hisa, Akiba na Uwekezaji- By Emilian Busara
    3. Rich Dad Poor Dad- by Rober Kiwosaki
    4. Think and Grow Rich- by Napoleon Hill
    5. The Outliers- Malcolm Gladwell
    6. Let every nation Know- Robert Dallek
    7.The Purpose Driven Life- Rick Warren (I read for the third time)
    8. How to become the CEO- Jeffrey Fox

    Current I am reading (now half way) – The Five Rules of Successful Stock investing – Pat Dorsey

    anybody recommending a good book on stocks investings? I also have attended many seminars on that.
    Jamani someni tupige vita ujinga na umaskini!!


  7. Busara says:

    Readers are leaders. Readers are good authors. Readers make quality decisions based on facts not emotions or crowd influence. Level of income and success in area is most likely influenced by the level of knowledge you had attained by reading. Show me a reader and I will show you the leader. We, in Tanzania, should no longer be in the group of “If you want to hide something valuable from (……… ) put it in a book”

    This year of 2012, I ready many books, over 100 books on stocks, wealth creation, secrets of millionaires, finance, investing, leadership, politics, development programs, public speaking, and money management.

    I and my Mrembo wrote several kiswahili and english books which covered savings, investing, stock, personal budget management, governance, auditing books. financial statements review, etc.

    3 books which we authored and I am encouraging you to read and you will never regret are 1. HISA AKIBA NA UWEKEZAJI 2. WEKEZA AKIBA 3. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS, AUDITING & GOVERNANCE. These books are available at Mlimani city bookshop Mwenge, TPH bookshop Samora Avenue, EFATHA bookshop Mwenge, Novel Idea Bookshops Samora Ohio Street, KASE bookshop in Arusha. Y2k Bookshop Arusha, etc. Also check on Amazon

    Let 2013 be a reading year with action.


  8. I would like to applaud you and your fellow legislators for promoting reading culture. However, I must say make it clear that, poor reading culture among Tanzanians is largely due to our education system which doesn’t encourage reading.

    Students lack inspiration from both their teachers and parents while the few with reading interest struggle to find books and libraries in their vicinity. Nonetheless, I commend this initiative and hopefully it will inspire a new generation of book readers.

    In the same spirit, I would also like to list books that I have read this year including one which I have just finished. The list is from a wide range of issues but I must admit my bias on environmental related titles.

    Here is my list:
    1. Green China: Chinese insights on Environment and Development by James Keeley
    2. From Crisis to Peace: The organic vegan way is the answer. By Supreme master Ching Hai
    3. The Skeptical Environmentalist – By Bjorn Lomborg

    4. Towards a Green Economy Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication – By United Nation Environment programme

    5. Mobilising Climate Finance for Africa – By The Heinrich Böll Foundation

    6. Paying the Professoriate: A Global Comparison of Compensation and Contracts – By Philip G. Altbach and others
    7. How the Millennium Development Goals are Unfair to Africa – By William Easterly

    8. Sex is not the problem (lust is) – By Joshua Harris

    Happy and prosperous 2013…Happy reading


  9. Mwele says:

    OK Fau thanks for mentioning the LetsreadTZ initiative before I give my booklist let me thank all those who shared what they were reading and inspired us to read more. I would like to thank@martinwarioba who is designing an interactive webisite for letsreadTZ. I plan to read more local authors next year.
    As you know I am an avid reader so here goes:
    Two of the books are rereads. I am grateful to my kindle for making it possible to read so much more.
    1. My House in Arusha-Sara Tucker
    2. Thinking Fast and Slow-Daniel Kahneman
    3. Dancing in the Glory of Monsters-Json K. Stearns
    4. The Power of Now-Eckhart Tolle
    5. You must set Forth at dawn-Wole Soyinka
    6. Why nations fail-Daron Acemoglo and James Robinson
    7. Boomerang: Travels in the new third world- Michael Lewis
    8. Nudge-Richard H. Thaler and Cass R Sunstein
    9. How- Dov Seidman
    10. The Now Habit-Neil Fiore
    11. The Dragons Gift-Deborah Brautigam
    12. The Price of inequality-Joseph E. Stiglitz
    13. Good Strategy Bad Strategy-Richard Rumelt
    14. Barua ndefu kama hii – Mariama Ba reread
    15. Quiet-The power of introverts in a world that cant stop talking- Susan Cain
    16. Punished by rewards- Alfie Kohn
    17. What matters now- Gary Hamel
    18. Start with Why –Simon Sinek
    19. God never Blinks-Regina Brett
    20. Brand raising-Sarah Durham
    21. The fifth Agreement- Don Miguel Ruiz and don Jose Ruiz
    22. The 3rd Alternative Steven Covey
    23. Stillness Speaks-Eckhart Tolle
    24. The Lord is my Shepherd- Harold S Kushner
    25. Peace form Broken Pieces- Iyanla Vazant
    26. The Emperor of all Maladies- Siddhartha Mukherjee
    27. A few good eggs-Julie Vargo and Maureen Reagan
    28. The Lincoln Lawyer- Michael Connelly
    29. Portfolios of the Poor- How the Worlds poor live on $2 a day- Daryl Collins, Jonathan Morduch, Stuart Rutherford, Orlanda Ruthven
    30. The Prophet-Khalil Gibran-reread
    31. Sing you home- Judi Picoult
    32. Lies, Damned Lies and Science: How to sort through the Noise around Global Warming, the latest health claims and other scientific controversies- Sherry Seethaler
    33. The Magic-Rhonda Byrne
    34. Island Beneath the sea-Isabel Allende
    35. The Five Secrets you must discover before you die-John Izzo
    36. The Cry of the Dove-Fadia Faqir
    37. Cleopatra: A Life- Stacy Schiff
    38. More than Good intentions-Dean Karlan & Jacob Appel
    Happy Reading Everyone and Happy New Year! Lets Read TZ


  10. Joseph Ogana says:

    You have impressed me by pushing these guys to the farthest corner to declare their kind of reading culture.

    I will too heed this advice sooner or later on the books I read in 2012 and maybe some few I plan to catch up with in 2013,


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