End of era in Libya: Lessons to be learnt

It is an end of an era in Libya. The long serving leader of this Northern African country was killed today by “rebel” fighters in homeland of Sirte. Muammar Gaddafi who came to power through a revolution had been the leader of Libya for over 40 years.
During his long stay in power Gaddafi made some friends but also made many enemies. To protect himself he surrounded himself with family members.
We can draw a number of lessons from the death of Gadaffi.
One, if a leader stays in power for too long, there is a tendency for him/her to want to stay there for the rest of his/her life. These people also tend to think there is no one else is able to take over from them. They also resort to brutality to suppress those who are against them.
Two, for protection, they deploy family members to protect them.
Three, the leadership tend to end in death whether natural or induced.
Gaddafi has died but his family has also paid a huge price. Two of his sons and confidantes have been killed and so are his three grandchildren. The rest of the family ran away from the country into different directions.
The end of Gaddafi should serve as a lesson to other African leaders, not to stay in power for too long and also not to involve their families in leadership and politics.


About Dr Faustine Ndugulile

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