By-election in Igunga

Is Rostam Aziz  a messiah or a pariah? He was recently hounded out of all CCM party positions, but he is now seen as an essential cornerstone in the Igunga election. It seems that the adage “in politics there are no permanent friends, but a permanent agenda”, might be very true in this case. (Picture: Haki Ngowi)


About Dr Faustine Ndugulile

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2 Responses to By-election in Igunga

  1. tunawatakia uchaguzi wa utulivu na amani


  2. Millinga says:

    Watanzania tunataka mabadiliko ndani ya Nchi yetu,lakini sio Siasa zisizo na Mafanikio kwa Wananchi na Taifa kwa ujumla.


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