Rostam Aziz resigns

The former beleaguered Igunga Member of Parliament has resigned all positions within the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party. With this announcement, it means that Rostam will no longer be an MP and a Member of the National Executive Committee.
This announcement comes from persistent calls from the public, media and the party to resign following alleged links to corruption and being identified as the “source” of the current ruling party poor public image.
With this suprise resignation, the next coming days will be very critical in Tanzanian politicosphere. The key questions will be:
1. Will other who are tainted with corruption follow suit and resign?
2. Will the Government follow up with prosecution?
3. With damaged reputation and “limited political influence” what would be Rostam’s next move? Will he fled from the country or staying put?
All in all, it was a bold move on his part and I am looking forward to see how the rest of scenes will unfold.

About Dr Faustine Ndugulile

#Medical Doctor #Microbiologist # Public Health Specialist #Politician #African #Proud Tanzanian
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