The State of Union: Tanzania and Zanzibar

The Tanganyika-Zanzibar Union is approaching. On the 26th of April, we will be marking the 47th  annivesary of this Union. It has not been a smooth sail. As we are deliberating on the path to a new constitution, it will be wrong not to to deliberate on the health of our union. I am re-posting my previous article on Tanganyika-Zanzibar union (Muungano). Read on and comment.
A marriage is a union between two who have decided to co-exist together and  love each other for better and for worse. Marriage can be for people of the opposite or same gender.

Tanganyika and Zanzibar “got married” in 1964. Of late, There has been family squabbling between the two partners. Zanzibar has sought more autonomy from the framework of the marriage, to interact with other partners and join exclusive clubs (eg OIC), to exclusively own everything that it brings into the marriage (eg Oil revenue etc) and it has even gone further to demarcate its own turf within the household and declare a no-go area.

These few points of departure are signs of a strain in our marriage. As marriage partners we need t sit down and critically look at our relationship and ask ourselves some tough questions. We cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand and pretend everything is rosy.
The tough questions we need to ask ourselves include; what are our common interests at this point in time? What are the benefits that we are deriving from this relationship? Is this a one sided love affair? Can we break the marriage and just remain good friends? What are the consenquences of the possible break up to the children or the family? Do we really want to stay together? What are the reasons for us to continue to be together in the future? Are we committed to do so?

If the heart and the mind is not in it, it is time to let go. I believe in the adage: “If you love someone set them free, if they were meant to be yours, they will come back to you”.

Do we need Zanzibar and do they need us? Let us have your opinion.

About Dr Faustine Ndugulile

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3 Responses to The State of Union: Tanzania and Zanzibar

  1. mwanaharakati says:

    Mh. Dr, it is great to see you in the front line like this. At last, same sex marriage has an advocate bungeni kwetu. Keep it up!


  2. Chucky says:

    I think Tanganyka needs to share its diamonds with zanzibar. When it comes to Tanganikya wealth zanzibara is rarely given. Zanzibar has its seat in the UN revoked, zanzibar has to pay for the electricity from Tanganyika, zanzibar is not represented in the international scene, zanzibar share from 1960’s East Africa Union is sollowed by Tanganiyka and now zanzibar wealth (Oil) should be shared by Tanganyika. We have to pay tax when we import to Tanganyika but Tanganykans freely trade in the isles? This is second colony after the british now comes tanganiykan and the proof when we discuss new constitution we are suppose stay silent even if we don’t want union. Is that equality. hell we are partners not servents


  3. cecane says:

    i think its time to let things happen.
    its time for Zanzibar to stand alone and figure out its own destiny.

    the truth is, tanganyika is a country which is self satisfactory, it can stand on its own. so i dont see any need to beg these guys for a ride while we have our own rides too.


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