Elections in Tanzania

Elections are over. I now find myself with all of free time in my hands. There are no more campaign meetings. For the past few days, I have been wearing only black trousers and green shirts. Now I feel “strange” wearing other clothes in my wardrobe.

I must say, the general election went well for me. I was sure of a big win, but some pessimists around me thought I would lose. I garnered 53,389 votes. My other rivals from CHADEMA and CUF  got 25,166 and 24,419 votes respectively.

Now that my life has returned to normalcy, I hope to bring to you the pictures that I took and what I have learnt from the campaign trail.

Hang around!


About Dr Faustine Ndugulile

#Medical Doctor #Microbiologist # Public Health Specialist #Politician #African #Proud Tanzanian
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8 Responses to Elections in Tanzania

  1. Patrick Nhigula says:

    Faustine, CCM future candidates should have websites, blog, Twitter, and facebook accounts. Or chama need to hire political consultant who will reach out the people through the Internet. They have failed during this election to outreached the elite electorial voters becuase they did not used the technology.


  2. Subi says:

    Yes, oh, yes!
    I am so grateful and thankful to God for giving us you. I believe in you and I feel happy for the people who elected you. Hopefully, they won’t regret.

    A young blood in the BUNGE, together with there rest of us who want to move forward, I believe this country is headed to a new and better direction.
    Pamoja tunaweza!

    Congratulations Dr. Faustine and I wish you all the best in fulfilling your campaign promises.


  3. Beatus Leon says:

    Daktari hongera sana mheshimiwa. Napendekeza uturuhusu sisi wadau wako tuwe tunatumia blog hii kukupenyezea masuala mbalimbali yatakayosaidia kuongezea nguvu michango yako katika nafasi yako ya ubunge. Na pia unaweza kutufikishia sisi mambo mbalimbali yanayojiri huko, of course bila kuathiri kanuni zinazotawala humo ‘mjengoni’. Nakutakia kila la heri. If you counted on us then, you can surely continue to count on us now as we definitely count on you.


  4. Issa Michuzi says:

    Congrats Mheshimiwa. We in the blogsphere are very proud of you. You are our worthy representative in the House and we are ready to offer anny assistance you might need from our end.

    Hongera sana


  5. Mohamed says:

    Poa Mzee will share some other photozzz which i took during the campaign!


  6. Chibuga says:

    All the best for the next 5 years in the National Assembly


  7. Kila la KHERI Mkuu!


  8. Peter Kirigiti says:

    Dr. Faustine …On behalf of my wife and i we want congratulate you on the huge achievement. Mungu akulinde na akubariki with every step you take.
    Congratulations to Madam and kids. I guess no more long journeys to ATL and NH. You now got bigger fish to deal with.


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